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dogDog on the Tuckerbox

The monument gives expression to probably the best-known slice of Australian folklore – mateship between man and dog. In the pioneering days a dog accompanied each wagon and, besides being a faithful friend of the teamster, guarded his master’s possessions. A verse about a dog sitting on a tuckerbox was written by an unknown teamster some 100 years ago, but the well known poem was written by poet and traveller Jack Moses.

Gundagai has long been immortalised through such poems and songs as ‘The Dog on the Tuckerbox’, ‘Along the Road to Gundagai’, My Mabel Waits for Me’ and ‘When a Boy from Alabama Meets a Girl from Gundagai’.



Historical Museum

museumA visit to the Gundagai Historical Museum is a giant leap back in time, with a most interesting and varied collection of machinery, wagons, equipment, a Model-T Ford, photographs, clothing, household items and other knick-knacks associated with Gundagai life a century or more ago.

The Museum is located in Homer St, at the rear of the Gundagai Post Office. It is open by appointment. Phone (02) 6944 1797, 6944 1304, 6944 1435 or 6944 1972. Entrance fee is adults $3, pensioners $2, children $1, family concession $7.