Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece

The famous dog on the tuckerbox was sculptured by the late Frank Rusconi, but it certainly is’nt the most impressive example of the work of this execptionally skilled artisan on exhibition in the Gundagai district. In fact one attraction not to be missed at Gundagai is a unique cathedral-in-miniature containing 20,948 individual pieces of marble, every piece cut, turned and polished by hand.

Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece took the late Frank Rusconi (who died in 1964) 28 years of his spare time to build in order to showcase the diversity and beauty of New South Wales marble.

Another Rusconi master piece on disply at Gundagai is his replica of the alter of Saint Maries Cathedral in Paris.

Rusconi and three other men constructed the original altar whilst he was working in Switzerland.

On returning to Australia he constructed the replica from marble collected from different parts of Australia.