Historic Courthouse


Possibly the most imposing building in Gundagai is its magnificent Court House. Built in 1959 this building is classified by the National Trust as one of great architectural merit. It has been the scene of many historical court cases, including the trail of the bushranger, Captain Moonlite. Inspections are available and when court is sitting.

Gundagai Railway Station

Visit the historic Road to Gundagai Railway Station building, the longest timber station building in NSW, now restored to its original 1886 glory days. See the many features of the precinct including the unique slate roofed goods shed, renovated timber faced platform and the rare interlocking signals system. Open 7 days. Admission free. Located at… Continue reading Gundagai Railway Station

Snake Gully (Dad & Dave, Mum & Mabel)

Gundagai’s fame in Australian legend, verse and song readily lends itself to the spirit of Dad and Dave. The Snake Gully tourist complex, which enshrines in copper Steele Rudds four most loveable characters – Dad and Dave, Mum and Mabel, symbolising the indomitable characters and spirit of our pioneers. Superbly crafted by sculptor Aurel Ragus… Continue reading Snake Gully (Dad & Dave, Mum & Mabel)

Gabriel Gallery

A photographic collection of great significance is housed in the Gabriel Gallery, Gundagai, featuring the work of an internationally famous photographer, Dr Charles Louis Gabriel, a distinguished resident of the town from 1887 until his death in 1927. Another resident, accountant and business Cliff Butcher, who established the gallery, found some thousand 4 inch glass… Continue reading Gabriel Gallery

Prince Alfred Bridge

The longest wooden bridge structure ever built in Australia spans the mighty Murrumbidgee River at Gundagai. This is the Prince Alfred Bridge, built in 1866. The bridge was formally opened in October, 1867, although not completed until 1869. The opening drew people from all over the region. North and South Gundagai had always been at… Continue reading Prince Alfred Bridge

Murrumbidgee River

The greatest natural disaster Australia has yet experiences was the great flood of 1852 when the Murrumbidgee River swept away the original town and 83 inhabitants perished beneath those murky waters.

Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece

The famous dog on the tuckerbox was sculptured by the late Frank Rusconi, but it certainly is’nt the most impressive example of the work of this execptionally skilled artisan on exhibition in the Gundagai district. In fact one attraction not to be missed at Gundagai is a unique cathedral-in-miniature containing 20,948 individual pieces of marble,… Continue reading Rusconi’s Marble Masterpiece

Dog on the Tuckerbox

The world-famous Dog is located five miles (8km) north of Gundagai, just of the Hume Highway, at Five Mile Creek. It celebrates one of the best-known themes of Australian folklore: mateship between man and dog. In pioneering days a dog accompanied each wagon and guarded the bullocky’s possessions. Verses about a dog and a tuckerbox… Continue reading Dog on the Tuckerbox

A two foot tour of Historic Gundagai

A pleasant 2km stroll viewing many historic points of interest starts and finishes at the Gundagai Visitor Information Centre. Here you may also wish to purchase the excellent book Gundagai – A track winding back, by Cliff Butcher, which will enrich your visit with a wealth of historical information and images.

Anzac Day

April 25. Dawn service. Mid-morning parade of services personnel, local bands and schools along Sheridan Street, with wreath-laying at the Cenotaph. Gundagai enjoys many more race meetings, sporting and cultural events each year. For full details, please visit the Visitor Information Centre.